Living With It

Living With It

I'm Living With an Antibiotic-Resistant Infection

"I got MRSA during the winter break of my senior year of college. My first outbreak lasted six months and was all below the belt. I had it on my genitals, along my ass, and down my legs."
AnnaLee Barclay
Living With It

What It's Like to Live With Epidermolysis Bullosa

One in 22,000 people worldwide has a form of the skin condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).
Sanne de Waard

The STD Mycoplasma Genitalium Is Becoming a Problem

Doctors warn that it's already showing resistance to antibiotics.
Jesse Hicks
Fighting Words

All the Ways People Shame My Post-Cancer Body

You can miss me with the fake nipples, doc.
Lindsay Jean Thomson
Living With It

19 Everyday Things That Trigger My OCD

OCD isn't a cute way to refer to how you like your desk to be organized. There's no contentment here; just repetitive thoughts and behaviors to try and keep those thoughts from coming true.
Shayla Love

It May Soon Be Impossible to Treat Gonorrhea

Two-thirds of countries have reported gonorrhea cases that resist all known antibiotics.
Sophie Cousins
It Works for me

I Came Up With These Hacks For Acid Reflux So You Don’t Have To

Steal my advice.
Shayla Love
Living With It

How to Tell if You Have a Chemical Sensitivity

Chemical sensitivities won't go away on their own. You have to make them go away.
Matt Jancer
Living With It

I Got Two Liver Transplants in One Year

Nobody knows if my current liver will make it to next week.
Wieteke van de Sande

Cluster Headaches Are Way Worse Than Migraines

They're so bad that some people refer to them as "suicide headaches."
Cindy Kuzma
united states of addiction

My Trauma Led Me to Self-Medicate With Heroin

PTSD and opioid addiction apparently go hand-in-hand.
Elizabeth Brico

I Have Mental Illness and I’m Terrified of Losing Medicaid

The system that's design to the protect the poorest and sickest is using people like me in a potentially life-threatening experiment.
Liz Lazzara