What I Learned from Testing Men for HIV at Gay Bathhouses

I brought the clinic to people in my community who—for a number of reasons—might not otherwise set foot in one.
George M. Johnson

When I Came Out, I Wasn’t Ready for the Judgment That Came from Within the Community

Why would a group of people who have historically experienced so much shame and stigma from society dole out that same kind of punishment to each other?
Zach Rawlings
Phys Ed

The Choreographer From ‘Pose’ Taught Me How to Vogue

Leiomy Maldonado says voguing is all about freestyle and self-expression—but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.
Spenser Mestel
Phys Ed

I Worked Out With One of the Stars of Ru Paul's Drag Race

Kameron Michaels is best known for being the show's first self-branded 'muscle queen.'
Spenser Mestel
Race and Health

My Open Letter to Doctors About How to Treat Black and Latinx HIV Patients

New research reinforces the fact that doctors are unable to effectively engage with high-risk communities. Here's why.
George M. Johnson

How to Stop Feeling Guilty About What You Want in Bed

Repressing your sexual desires is bad for your sex life.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD

Researchers Asked Cis People If They Would Date Trans People

The results of the first-ever study on this subject are bleak.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD

Why Do Some Women Like to Watch Guy-on-Guy Porn?

Nearly 40 percent of women who watch guy-on-guy porn are straight.
Christine Ro
Fighting Words

CrossFit Is a Home for Queer People Like Me

This week a high-ranking employee made homophobic statements, but the organization on the whole has shown itself to be an ally.
Spenser Mestel
hard data

There Are Six Types of Straight People Who Have Same-Sex Hookups

Our sexual identity and sexual behavior don't always line up.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
The Hardest Conversations

A Therapist’s Script for Telling People About Your New Pronoun

Coming out as trans or gender non-conforming might mean hammering your new pronoun into people's vocabulary until they get it right.
Liz Lazzara
hard data

Homophobia Literally Keeps Gay and Bisexual People Awake at Night

A new study could partly explain why gay and bisexual people run a higher risk of chronic health problems.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD