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Forcing Psych Meds on Detained Children Perpetuates Distrust About Mental Health Care

The unethical treatment not only affects these kids, but it could have lasting impacts on people of color seeking mental health treatment.
Nikhil "Sunny" Patel, MD, MPH
J. Wesley Boyd, MD, PhD

People Are Scared to Use Health Safety Nets Because of ICE

Known as a "chilling effect​," this public health principle can lead to a drop in everything from vaccinations and routine doctor visits to prenatal and HIV care.
Jason Silverstein

Separated Families Face Serious Challenges After Being Reunited

Even kids who get returned to their families have a risk of lifelong trauma.
Susan Rinkunas
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The Link Between Childhood Trauma and Addiction

Family separation is traumatic, and traumatic experiences can launch a predisposition to addiction or mental illness into an actual disorder.
Maia Szalavitz
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My Immigrant Father Was Separated from His Parents

He and I are still paying the price, 50 years later.
Julie Figueras

Here Are All the Doctors' Groups That Have Denounced Trump's Family Separation Policy

Multiple medical groups have warned of the mental and physical health risks of taking immigrant kids away from their parents.
Susan Rinkunas

Another Cause of Doctor Burnout: Being Forced to Give Undocumented People Unequal Care

Undocumented immigrants often can't get routine dialysis for kidney failure and have to wait until their condition is critical to receive emergency care. A new study found that seeing these patients suffer is distressing for doctors.
Jake Harper, WFYI

When Being Treated for Cancer Could Get You Deported

What happens when an undocumented immigrant has a life-threatening diagnosis? Even in states with generous care, a patient can face difficult life-and-death choices.
Dan Gorenstein, Kaiser Health News

Fear of Deportation Is Scaring Legal Immigrants Out of Getting Healthcare

People are afraid their information will be used to find their undocumented relatives.
Jesse Hicks
Trump's first year

Trump Is Creating a Public Health Crisis For Undocumented Immigrants

Anti-immigrant sentiments have a chilling effect on vulnerable undocumented populations.
Kunal Sindhu

Protecting Undocumented Moms Improves Their Kids' Mental Health

According to a sadly relevant new study on DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
Ed Cara
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The Latest Travel Ban Is a Threat to Our Health

"We and other institutions that rely heavily on immigrant labor will be crippled."
Ushma S. Neill