Is There Any Reason to Use Liquid Soap Instead of Bar Soap?

The more heavily used a bar is, the more microorganisms it holds. But does that really mean it's time to leave bar soaps behind?
Knvul Sheikh
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How Gross Is it if I Can't Wipe My Butt After Pooping?

The universal question for when the TP runs out.
Nick Keppler
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How Many Days Can I Wear the Same Pair of Socks?

We asked a microbiologist to explain just how gross it is.
Carson Kessler
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How Nasty Is it to Never Clean Your Toilet?

That moldy ring means it's been at least three weeks.
Ryan Brown
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Dental Cleaning Videos Are Disgusting and Satisfying

Almost as appealing as watching a pimple get popped.
Melissa Meinzer
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Do I Really Need to Wash My Hands Every Time I Pee?

We can all afford to be more eco-conscious, but the bathroom is not the place to cut back.
Maggie Puniewska
women's health

Kids in Uganda Are Making Pads So Girls Can Stop Missing School

And they're singing about periods, too.
Kat Lister
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Are Baths Really More Gross Than Showers?

Let's find out just how much filth you're sitting in.
Christina Stiehl
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Dust Isn't Just Gross, It's Full of Scary Stuff

Time to put your Swiffer Wet to work.
Alexandra Ossola
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Why Do My Feet Always Smell Like Vinegar and Piss?

Or on a good day, sour cream n' onion potato chips.
Michelle Malia
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How Many Days Can You Wear the Same Pair of Underwear?

Don't rely on the sniff test.
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Let’s Be Real: Americans Are Walking Around With Dirty Anuses

But is the brown tide finally turning?
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