How to Not Die

How to Not Die

How to Be a Drag Queen Without Hurting Yourself

Drag can sometimes be more like an extreme sport for the performers.
Matthew Terrell
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People Are Contracting Flesh-Eating Bacteria at the Beach

This is how scared you should be.
Matthew Terrell
How to Not Die

This Is How Festivals Can Stop Encouraging Drug Abuse

“I had been in the sun all day, seeing bands and smoking pot, which made me drowsy. I tried an energy drink, but it didn’t have enough kick.”
Suzannah Weiss
How to Not Die

This Is What Happens When You Combine Molly and Alcohol

Taking MDMA and drinking at the same time is like pulling your body in two very different directions.
Suzannah Weiss
How to Not Die

This 30-Second Video Can Teach You to Save Someone's Life

This version of CPR is easier and more effective.
Rajul Punjabi
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How Gross Is it to Wear Your Shoes in the House?

The final word on whether dragging in all that bacteria on your shoes will actually make you sick.
Elizabeth Brown
How to Not Die

The Easiest Way to Make a Useful First-Aid Kit

Whether you're going hiking or chopping onions, this kit will help if you do something stupid.
Matt Jancer
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This Is How to Calm Down if You’re Freaking Out on a Turbulent Flight

Five tips from a psychologist.
Rajul Punjabi
How to Not Die

How Much Saturated Fat Should Be in My Diet?

Bad fat? Nah, just misunderstood.
Olga Oksman
Tonic Editors
How to Not Die

What You Should Know if You’re Thinking About Treating Yourself With Psychedelics

MDMA is being celebrated as a new treatment for PTSD—but at what cost?
Suzannah Weiss
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Watching Fish Swim Is an Odd But Effective Way to Relax

Staring at a fish tank is like getting the healing benefits of nature on demand.
Crystal Ponti
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Is Eating Breakfast Good for Losing Weight?

An age-old question, answered.
Joanne Spataro