How Not to Die

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What's the Holdup on the Heroin Vaccine?

He was supposed to fly to see his parents for Christmas break. He never made it on the plane. By the time they found him in his dorm, he was gone.
Arielle Pardes
How Not to Die

Runner Attacked by Rabid Raccoon Drowns It in a Puddle

Plot twist: She's a vegetarian.
Amber Brenza
How Not to Die

States May Be Intentionally Poisoning Each Other With Toxic Air

Canada is looking better every day.
Aaron Reuben
How Not to Die

How to Fall to Your Death and Live to Tell the Tale

Falls kill over 420,000 people per year. While we can’t eliminate them altogether, we might be able to learn how to fall better.
Neil Steinberg
How Not to Die

Choosing Coal Will Kill 52,000 People

A new study puts a body count—and a financial cost—on backing out of the Paris Accord.
Amber Brenza
How Not to Die

People Who Work Out Are Biologically Younger

But if you want that edge, you're really going to have to work for it.
Jesse Hicks
How Not to Die

The Creepy, Insane, and Undeniably Romantic World of Cryonics

I went into it a skeptic—and I still don’t think it’ll work. And yet I’m sold.
Zoe Cormier

Nevada Could Deal a Serious Blow to Insulin Manufacturers

A bill being voted on next week would lower prices on the essential drug.
Micaela Marini Higgs
How Not to Die

Recent Divorcees Are a Disaster Behind the Wheel

And other things you didn't know about your daily commute.
Caroline Beaton
You're Smarter Than That

Sorry, Running Doesn't Make You Live Longer

Those headlines came from a study that doesn't tell us much about real life.
Susan Rinkunas
How Not to Die

Stem Cell Clinics Are Ruining People's Lives

Patients are promised revolutionary therapy, only to find they’ve wasted their money—or worse.
Jesse Hicks
How Not to Die

How Alcohol Affects the Liver

This largest of internal human organs plays a central role in all metabolic processes. How many years of drinking does it take to cause liver damage? What are the symptoms of a bad liver? How are you supposed to keep your liver healthy? Read on for answer
Cindy Kuzma