Heart Attack


Why Being Stressed All the Time Can Make You Sick

Early-life stress is especially concerning, according to recent research.
Adam Moeser

A Drink or Two After Work Is Fine For Your Health

Still, you should probably take a night off here and there.
Markham Heid
On Edge

A 4-Day Work Week Isn't Necessarily Better for You

Those long weekends would come with a pretty big catch.
Caroline Beaton
Asking for a friend

How Bad Is it to Ignore High Blood Pressure?

Hypertension is a symptomless condition.
Kristen Dold

The Most Common Blood Pressure Test Is Often Inaccurate

A misdiagnosis of high blood pressure could lead to people being prescribed unnecessary medication.
James Sharman
it's a bird it's a plane

Drones Could Save Lives Faster Than Paramedics

Copters carrying AEDs might increase survival odds in people suffering cardiac arrest.
Jesse Hicks
You're Killing Me

It's Not Looking Good for People Who Live in Big Cities

Start spreading the news.
Jesse Hicks
Race and Health

The Sad Health Consequences of Segregated Neighborhoods

When people moved out of racially homogenous neighborhoods, their health improved.
Jesse Hicks
Eat This

Bad Cholesterol Isn't Actually Always Bad

But pinpointing the exact moment it turns against you can be surprisingly tricky.
Markham Heid
hindsight is 20-20

Bob Harper Is ‘Kicking Himself’ for Ignoring Heart Attack Warning Signs

Learn from his mistake.
Susan Rinkunas
How Not to Die

These People Have the Healthiest Hearts in the World

And guess what? They eat carbs. Lots of carbs.
Jesse Hicks
Daily Buzzkill

How Could Someone As Fit As Bob Harper Have A Heart Attack?

If the Biggest Loser host can't hack it, what the hell does that mean for the rest of us?
Alexandra Ossola