HEALTHCARE: People are confused about how to choose it, how to use it, what to do if they don't have it. Here are some answers.

The Tonic Guide to Healthcare

A comprehensive, easy-to-follow FAQ about getting medical care, whether you have good insurance, bad insurance, or no insurance at all.

Tonic Editors

24 Health Insurance Terms Explained in Plain English

Learn what premiums, deductibles, copays are and how they work together.

Susan Rinkunas

How to Get Started on Your Gender Transition

Everything you need to know about insurance coverage of transgender and gender non-binary medical care.

Gaines Blasdel

This Is How to Get Health Insurance to Cover Treatment for Opioid Addiction

Although the Affordable Care Act is supposed to guarantee addiction treatment to anyone with insurance, people with opioid addictions still face a dysfunctional system.

Maia Szalavitz

How to Use Your Insurance to Get Free Birth Control

And what to do if you don't have insurance but still don't want babies.

Jessica Migala

How to Find an Affordable Therapist

If you're on a tight budget, there are still a wide range of options to help you see a psychiatrist, psychologist, or mental health counselor.

Cindy Kuzma

15 Practical Questions About Getting an Abortion

From how much it costs to whether insurance covers it.

Garnet Henderson

All the Questions You Should Ask Your Insurance Company Before You Have a Baby

The Tonic guide to navigating health insurance for pregnant people, including how to get insurance, what's covered, and what steps you need to take before the baby arrives.

Jessica Migala

An FAQ About Health Insurance for College Students

Written so you can actually understand it.

Jessica Migala