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The Effects of Collagen Supplements Are Way Overhyped

There's no good evidence that collagen pills and powders can improve your hair, skin, or nails.
Nicole Wetsman
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'Are You Bald By Choice?'

I was Sam, the badass dyke with the shaved head. What people didn’t see was the physical anguish that prompted me to pick up the clippers in the first place.
Sam Manzella

The Mental and Social Consequences of Compulsive Hair-Pulling

Echoing the experiences of many, a man in his late 20s described middle school as “absolute hell” because kids perceived him as “the weird kid with missing eyelashes."
Sara Talpos
Eat This

Here's How Gross it Is if You Find a Hair in Your Food

Despite the possibility of encountering dyes, sprays, and gels applied to hair, it’s not considered a chemical hazard in food—only a physical or biological one.
Christine Ro
Race and Health

Relaxers Aren't the Only Hair Products With Questionable Chemicals Marketed to Black Women

So much time, money, and anxiety goes into making black hair conform to white standards—only for it to potentially harm black people’s health.
Melissa Pandika
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Anxiety and Stress Are Messing With Your Good Looks

Your worries can lead to weight gain and rapid aging.
Caroline Beaton

The Worst Part of Chemo Isn't Nausea

It’s not losing your hair, either.
Ed Cara
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The Many Possible Reasons You're Losing Your Hair

When your hairbrush looks like you just sheared a sheep.
Jordan Rosenfeld

I Got My Head Tattooed to Make My Hair Look Thicker

I almost looked tough—or capable of carrying out an automotive repair.
Grant Stoddard
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Episode 5: I Look Like Sad Cancer Lady

For the first time in awhile, I feel really fucking sad. Then I feel ashamed because everyone keeps telling me what a good attitude I have.
Lindsay Jean Thomson
is this real life?

Episode 4: The Five-Month Chemo Countdown Begins

It's just hair, but it's not. It's youth, femininity, vitality. It's gone. It's a fucking loss.
Lindsay Jean Thomson
It's Science

What Going Bald Might Say About Your Genes

New evidence highlights a wide range of associated risks.
Nick Keppler