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Should People Who Develop Dementia Be Able to Keep Their Guns?

The number of Americans with dementia who live in homes with guns could reach 12 million by 2050.
Melissa Bailey
JoNel Aleccia

Gun Shop Owners Are Trying to Stop People From Killing Themselves

Two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides.
Talib Visram
gun violence

States with Stricter Gun Laws Have Fewer Homicides and Suicides

“This study is really an argument encouraging states to pass laws because they can work.”
Dan Roe

There Are 20 Percent Fewer Gun Injuries During NRA Conventions

When NRA members are busy, fewer people get shot.
Jesse Hicks
gun violence

The Link Between Domestic Violence and Mass Shootings

"The number-one predictor of violent crime is past violence."
Emily Crockett
gun violence

Mandatory Gun Waiting Periods Could Save Hundreds of Lives Each Year

And if all 50 states delayed access to handguns after purchase, we could save hundreds more.
Michelle Malia
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The Vegas Shooter Didn't Kill People Because He Was On Anxiety Meds

Reports pinning Stephen Paddock's aggressive behavior on Valium are misleading.
Ed Cara
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Gun Injuries Cost US Hospitals $2.8 Billion a Year

According to a grimly timed study about gun violence in America.
Ashley Lyles
First Aid

Basic Skills to Know in the Event of a Shooting

“If a shooting victim or bystander had basic trauma skills, it could significantly impact morbidity and mortality.”
Jesse Hicks
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The Government Quietly Let Funding Lapse for Gun Violence Research

Take one guess how the NRA feels about this.
Jesse Hicks
Race and Health

What Police Brutality Does to a Black Parent's Mental Health

"I'm afraid my toddler will grow up to be a ‘threat’ and pay for it. That's not normal."
Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez
this needs to stop

A Kid Is Hospitalized From a Gunshot Wound Every 90 Minutes

Plus, the depressing-as-hell reason for the doctor's research.
Jesse Hicks