Dreams Can Help People Deal With Grief and Breakups

During painful transitions such as breakups, divorce, and the loss of loved ones, dreams can become so vivid that even the biggest skeptics take notice of their nocturnal visions.
Alice Robb
11 hours ago

Experiencing Loss Can Make Celebrating Other People’s Joy Incredibly Painful

Since Jamie died, I’ve tried to protect myself by limiting my exposure to others’ happy life events.
Katie Hawkins-Gaar
4 days ago
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Researchers Found a THC-Like Compound in This Plant

And other crazy science news this week.
Shayla Love

What Can I Do to Process My Dad's Death?

This week in the Coping newsletter: Dealing with loss.
Tonic Editors
mental health

How Your Art Changes When You’re Told You’re Dying

“What I'm doing is immortality,” Jeiven says. “I'm putting art on people that's going to walk around after I'm gone.”
Nathan Tempey
mental health

When a Family Member Survives a Suicide Attempt

With hope comes the very real dread that he will try to kill himself again.
Erica Jackson Curran
united states of addiction

My Dad Overdosed on Opioids on Purpose

He was one of the large number of people in this country whose overdose was a suicide.
Maria Luisa Tucker

7 Things You Need to Deal With When a Family Member Dies

The bureaucratic tasks—handling bills, dealing with a funeral home, finding bank accounts—can take people by surprise.
Nicole Wetsman
mental health

What I Learned From Being Blind-Sided By a Family Member's Suicide

“I know time will help me feel better about my situation,” he texted me, only hours before he killed himself.
Arielle Greenberg

Five Ways to Cope With Your Parent's Death

The grief is personal, just like your relationship with your mom or dad.
Elizabeth Kiefer

We Asked a Therapist Why We Grieve Celebrities Like We Knew Them

The grief for a celebrity once they’re gone might take up more emotional space than the feelings we had about them when they were alive.
Rajul Punjabi

Both My Parents Knew They Would Die Before I Turned Nine

This is how they helped me prepare for life without them.
Sydni Dunn