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global health

Fake Doctor Accused of Infecting At Least 40 People With HIV Arrested in India [Updated]

Unqualified doctors are a widespread problem in India, where the gaps between public health services can foster unregulated private clinics.
Ankita Rao
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This Flying Hospital Trains Doctors to Fight Blindness Around the World

The majority of blindness cases are in the developing world a lot of them could be prevented or treated.
Clara Hogan
global health

Cultural Traditions Are Fueling the Spread of a Rare Tuberculosis Strain

Poverty is also a factor, but customs like eating raw meat and drinking blood are not helping.
Sophie Cousins
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India’s Aging Sex Workers Are Facing a Healthcare Crisis

STDs and stigma are now the least of their concerns.
Justin Heifetz​​
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Diabetes Now Kills More People in South Africa Than HIV

The country's near-total focus on HIV over the past 15 years has saved countless lives but starved other diseases of resources.
Linda Nordling
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The Philippine Government is Powerless to Stop the Rise of HIV

Grassroots efforts prove to be way more effective at both diagnosis and support.
Justin Heifetz​​

How Mongolia Became a Great Place To Die

It leads much wealthier nations in palliative care.
Andrew North
Daily Buzzkill

Trump is Ruining Our Health on a Global Scale Now

Presidents in both parties have historically regarded global health initiatives as a way to ensure security and fulfill a moral imperative to help others in need. That's all going to hell now.
Vishal Khetpal