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Produce Pulled from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Due to Listeria Scare

The recalled products were also pulled from Albertson's, Meijer, and Walmart stores throughout the US and Canada.
Michelle Malia
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Your Nasty Old Kitchen Sponge Could Give You Diarrhea

"If bacteria went to heaven, it would be a sponge."
Joanne Spataro
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Cultural Traditions Are Fueling the Spread of a Rare Tuberculosis Strain

Poverty is also a factor, but customs like eating raw meat and drinking blood are not helping.
Sophie Cousins
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Do I Really Need to Wash My Hands Every Time I Pee?

We can all afford to be more eco-conscious, but the bathroom is not the place to cut back.
Maggie Puniewska
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Your Produce Is About to Get a Lot Safer to Eat

You'll probably see way fewer food recalls in the future.
Shayla Love
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Is It Worse to Sit or Squat on a Public Toilet?

When nature calls, your bladder doesn't care that the only stall looks like a neglected stable.
Jordan Rosenfeld
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Do I Really Need to Bother Washing My Produce?

Millions of Americans acquire foodborne illnesses each year.
Michelle Malia
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Can I Eat Food That Sat Out All Night?

A guide to the leftovers festering on your kitchen counter.
Christina Stiehl
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Is it Gross to Share Eyeliner?

You don't know where your friends' eyeballs have been.
Shannon Thomas
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Does Finding a Roach Mean My Place is Gross?

Seeing a bug does mean there are likely more—a lot more.
Nick Keppler
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Yes, Sadly, Newborns Can Die From a Kiss

If the person doing the kissing has the herpes virus.
Amber Brenza
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Is It Okay That My Kid Sometimes Eats Dirt?

There are a billion bacterial cells per gram of soil.
Christina Stiehl