This Is How Living in a City Affects Your Immune System

Kids exposed to critters and their germs tend to be better off.
Markham Heid

The Flu Can Be Spread Just by Breathing, Study Suggests

It's not just coughs and sneezes.
Jesse Hicks
Holy Shit

A Man Ruptured His Throat From Trying to Hold in a Sneeze

Under no circumstances should you pinch your nose and close your mouth to contain a sneeze.
Jesse Hicks
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How Gross Is It to Eat Snow?

Untouched snow—even caught straight out of the sky—is more than just frozen water.
Kristen Dold
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How Gross Is It to Eat Buffet Food?

Well, an infectious diseases specialist called them "cesspools for bacteria."
Ryan Brown
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You're Probably Washing Your Hands Completely Wrong

Most people take just six seconds.
Michelle Sconce Massaquoi
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Can I Exfoliate Every Day Without Destroying My Skin?

Your loofah-obsessed friend gives new meaning to the term “rub one out.”
Joanne Spataro
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How Gross Is It to Let My Dog Sleep Next to Me?

“If your dog hasn’t had the proper treatments, it could bring fleas and ticks into the bed."
Kristen Dold
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How Nasty Is it to Never Clean Your Toilet?

That moldy ring means it's been at least three weeks.
Ryan Brown
Hypochondriacs Unite

The Germaphobe's Guide to Sharing a Joint

Could smoking in a cypher, which is theoretically like tongue kissing everyone in it, land you a stomach virus?
Shannon Thomas

The New Lawsuit Against Sephora Is Probably Bullshit

The chances of contracting herpes from a lipstick sample—and proving it—are extremely low.
Michelle Malia
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How Nasty Is It to Cook Food in a Dirty Microwave?

Let's assess the risks of those rock-hard leftover bits.
Kristen Dold