Harm Reduction

We Looked Into the Kits You Can Use to Test Your Drugs

Drug checking is part of a harm-reduction approach that emphasizes reducing the negative impact of drug use rather than telling people not to use them—which usually doesn’t work.
Suzannah Weiss
Fighting Words

The Trump Administration Wants to Block Cities' Plans to Cut Drug Overdoses

An expert explains why deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein's ideas are so misinformed.
Rob Stenzel
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A New Book Chronicles How Pharma and Doctors Jumpstarted the Opioid Epidemic

“Dopesick” looks at how the makers of OxyContin targeted doctors in struggling areas with terrifying precision—and tragic consequences.
Eric Allen Been
Harm Reduction

Does Smoking Heroin Really Cause Brain Damage?

Recent reports that smoking heroin (and an associated risk of brain damage) is increasing among young people aren't looking at the full picture.
Troy Farah

What a US-China Trade War Could Mean for the Opioid Epidemic

We rely on China to control the manufacture and export of illicit drugs like fentanyl. Now, “China could say ‘We are no longer going to cooperate with the United States on controlling these synthetic opioids.’”
Matthew Garcia, Kaiser Health News
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Drug Dealers on Facebook Are Targeting People With Addiction

I posed as a potential customer and experienced the most aggressive marketing tactics.
Elizabeth Brico
Not The Onion

Kellyanne Conway Recommends Eating Ice Cream and French Fries Instead of Buying Fentanyl

Conway, the head of President Trump's opioids cabinet, said college kids who don't eat sugar or carbs but buy drugs should reconsider their habits.
Susan Rinkunas
You're Smarter Than That

You Can’t Overdose on Fentanyl by Touching It

The opioid isn't easily absorbed through the skin, no matter what viral headlines say.
Maia Szalavitz

Hospitals Are Struggling to Manage People’s Pain Amid a Shortage of Injectable Opioids

Hospitals and surgical centers scrambling to find enough injectable morphine, Dilaudid, and fentanyl, which can leave patients languishing in pain and raise the risk of dosing mistakes.
Pauline Bartolone, California Healthline
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The Faces of Americans Who Died From Opioid Overdoses

This interactive map humanizes the opioid epidemic.
Lynn Shattuck
united states of addiction

Owner of Drug Recovery Home Caught Selling Heroin and Fentanyl to Residents

The Pennsylvania man once said his facilities "formulate a strong foundation of lasting sobriety."
Jesse Hicks
united states of addiction

Drug Users Can Now Test Their Stash for Fentanyl

It takes mere seconds.
Emily Cassel