Three Ways to Get the HPV Vaccine if You’re Over the Age of 26

A leading sex researcher told us how he navigated the ridiculously challenging process.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
Eat This

There Are Nearly 1,000 Chemicals in Our Food That Have Never Been Tested for Safety

Why the FDA and the EPA aren't set up to protect us from contaminants in the food we eat.
Kristin Lawless
medical devices

A New Netflix Doc Exposes Huge Problems With the Way Certain Medical Treatments Are Approved

'The Bleeding Edge' shows how the FDA doesn’t hold medical devices to the same standards of safety and effectiveness as it does prescription drugs, even though some devices will presumably remain in the body for the rest of people's lives.
Sam Fragoso
The War on Drugs

There’s No Rational Way to Justify America’s Drug Laws

People assume a medical committee sat down to consider which recreational drugs were the safest and least addictive, and this wise group decided alcohol and tobacco should be legal, while marijuana and everything else shouldn't. That's not what happened.
Maia Szalavitz

This Bill Could Give Jeff Sessions the Power to Ban Kratom

The Stop the Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues Act (SITSA) would give the Attorney General unilateral power to ban drugs for up to five years.
Troy Farah

Can I Give My Dog CBD?

We looked into the benefits and the risks of giving your pet a dose of the cannabis compound for seizures, pain, anxiety, and more.
Dana Smith
medical devices

This 'Weight-Loss Balloon' Procedure Is Landing People in the Hospital

The FDA has issued three safety alerts about gastric balloons like Orbera and ReShape. At least seven deaths have been connected to the devices in the US, while others have had to be hospitalized.
Joy Victory

Experts Are Concerned that Kratom Will Become the Next Marijuana

The FDA's moves to ban kratom have already slowed research into its potential as a painkiller.
Troy Farah

The FDA Approved the First Marijuana-Based Drug

The medication, called Epidiolex, is used to treat two severe forms of epilepsy in children.
Jesse Hicks

The Depression Treatment That Worked But Got Rejected by the FDA

“My patients tell me these people are wrong. The data tells me they are wrong. This thing isn’t dead.”
David Dobbs

Romaine Lettuce and Eggs Are the Latest Foods Getting Recalled [Updated]

They're linked to outbreaks of E. coli and salmonella in multiple states.
Jesse Hicks

People Are Worried That the FDA Is Trying to Ban Kratom

The DEA proposed banning kratom in 2016 but backed off following massive public pressure. Instead, it asked the FDA to conduct a formal scientific evaluation.
Jesse Hicks