Experiencing Loss Can Make Celebrating Other People’s Joy Incredibly Painful

Since Jamie died, I’ve tried to protect myself by limiting my exposure to others’ happy life events.
Katie Hawkins-Gaar
4 days ago

The Jarring Experience of Learning You Were Conceived With Donor Sperm or Eggs

"In the beginning my body felt invaded. And I didn’t know who made up the other half of me.”
Louise McLoughlin
mental health

When a Family Member Survives a Suicide Attempt

With hope comes the very real dread that he will try to kill himself again.
Erica Jackson Curran

The Triangulation Theory May Explain Why Some Childhoods Are So Stressful

“Adults who experienced triangles in early family relationships can lack a clear sense of their own wants and needs.”
Jessica Dore

How to Do a Family Medical History

It can be important for detecting serious conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and strokes.
Cindy Kuzma
united states of addiction

My Dad Overdosed on Opioids on Purpose

He was one of the large number of people in this country whose overdose was a suicide.
Maria Luisa Tucker

7 Things You Need to Deal With When a Family Member Dies

The bureaucratic tasks—handling bills, dealing with a funeral home, finding bank accounts—can take people by surprise.
Nicole Wetsman
mental health

My Immigrant Father Was Separated from His Parents

He and I are still paying the price, 50 years later.
Julie Figueras
mental health

Therapy Made Me Realize I Was Still in a Relationship With My Mother

This is what it's like when your mother commits emotional incest.
Neil Strauss
mental health

What to Expect When You Become a Sibling’s Sole Caregiver

One day, I'll be the sole caregiver of my adult sister, who has Down Syndrome.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

You Need a Will Even if You're Young and Healthy

Here's the first step.
Knvul Sheikh
What's Freaking Me Out

The Grief and Terror of Realizing Your Parents Are Aging

The shift from “my parents are healthy and indestructible” to talking about mortality on the drive back from Costco feels crazy.
Emily Cassel