mental health

Why Stalkers Behave the Way They Do

I was stalked for a decade. Here's what I learned.
Crystal Ponti
united states of addiction

The Facebook Page That Led to 30 Drug-Rehab Arrests

One informant reported having been paid in heroin to live in a sober home and collect money from visitors who sexually assaulted female residents.
Chelsea Greenwood
Social Media

Social Media Unfollows Are a Surprisingly Potent Form of Rejection

Why do people care so much about being unfollowed?
Mark Hay
united states of addiction

Drug Dealers on Facebook Are Targeting People With Addiction

I posed as a potential customer and experienced the most aggressive marketing tactics.
Elizabeth Brico

This Is Why Good People Turn Bad Online

Social media platforms make it way too easy to become a troll.
Gaia Vince

This Is How Facebook Makes It So Hard to Quit

"As in all abusive relationships, users have a psychological dependence that keeps them hooked."
Bingjie Lieu
Carlina DiRusso
S. Shyam Sundar
Michael Krieger
On Edge

This Is What Facebook Oversharing Does to Your Stress Levels

You really want to post that?
Jessie Gill
mental health

Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ Brings Bad Memories Back to Life

Social media can be a painful abyss of a purposely discarded past.
Liz Lazzara
My Therapist Says

How to Tame Your Inner Attention Whore

A psychoanalyst discusses my obsession with the limelight and provides tips on how to step out of it once in a while.
Elizabeth Brown
Phys Ed

Your Braggy Runner Friends Are Actually Doing You a Favor

Those social media overshares can be strangely motivational, a new study finds.
Jesse Hicks
Doctor's Note

A Human Therapist's Take on Facebook's Suicide-Prevention Tool

"The issue brought to my mind Ned, a 30-year-old compulsive Facebook user whom I have been seeing for several years. I have become concerned for the first time that he could kill himself."
Hans Agrawal, MD

Pierogis Almost Forced Me Off Facebook Forever

Until I reluctantly came crawling back.
Jeff Vrabel