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I Spent a Day Trying to Eat Like a Vegetarian Version of The Rock

Athletes have always told me how eating enough to fuel their training becomes a chore. I wanted to discover for myself what it feels like.
Spenser Mestel
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This Is How Running and Cycling Affect the Way Your Body Builds Muscle

How much cardio should you do when you're trying to get stronger?
Christian Finn
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I Worked Out With One of the Stars of Ru Paul's Drag Race

Kameron Michaels is best known for being the show's first self-branded 'muscle queen.'
Spenser Mestel
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The Five Things You Should Know Before You Try CrossFit

CrossFit trainer Ben Bergeron told us the five keys to making your first class feel less intimidating.
Spenser Mestel
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Should You Eat Carbs to Recover After a Workout?

Failure to do so, the idea goes, is cheating your muscles and putting the brakes on recovery.
Christian Finn
The High Life

This Is What Happened When I Did Yoga on CBD

For better or worse, it's not the same as high yoga.
Emily Weitz
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The Two Easiest Ways to Gain More Muscle in Less Time

These methods will reduce the length of your workouts by up to 50 percent while still delivering identical gains in size and strength.
Christian Finn

This Type of Workout Can Help You Avoid Back Pain

"The truth is, the spine is a robust structure. We're just using it incorrectly."
Fiona Wilson
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This Is the Effect Working Out Has on Your Bones

How active you are as a kid affects your bones forever.
Matt Jancer

Gyms Are Home to Extreme Tanning Bed Use

"Three gym chains alone house over 10,000 tanning beds nationwide.”
Sherry Pagoto

Kayaking Is the Best Form of Stress Relief I've Found

"Kayaking is a way to exit the urban cacophony, completely and totally."
Nick Keppler
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Some CrossFit Gyms Feature Pictures of These Puking, Bleeding Clowns

Only the most dedicated CrossFitters will recall 'Uncle Rhabdo' and 'Pukie.'
Mark Hay