Eating Disorders

A look at our relationship with food—and how what we eat is often symbolic of who we are.


My 'Revenge Body' Was Actually a Cry for Help

How do you tell someone who’s just paid you a compliment that you’re borderline suicide hotline fodder and one well-meaning remark away from relapse?
Tracey Duncan
Eating Disorders

There's an Urgent Need For Better Anorexia Treatments

For more than half of those afflicted, the disorder can last several decades.
Stuart Murray
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When You're Worried a Friend Has an Eating Disorder, It's Time to Make Some Hard Calls

Here's how to decide if you should say something.
Michelle Malia

This Is What it's Like to Have the World's Most Deadly Eating Disorder

For one teen, the turning point came when her heart stopped beating for half a minute.
Amy Mackinnon

When I Knew it Was Time to End My Relationship With MDMA

MDMA seems like proof that what comes up must come down.
Suzannah Weiss
Eating Disorders

How to Be a Good Partner to Someone With an Eating Disorder

It can be hard to strike a balance between being helpful and being the food police.
Melissa Meinzer
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Here's What MDMA Did for My Anxiety That Meds Couldn't

"I don’t have an opinion on what anyone else should do, but numbing the fear was not the answer for me."
Suzannah Weiss
Phys Ed

Fitspo Culture Created a Whole New Level of Body Expectations for Women

The quest for a toned body adds just one more thing to strive for, another layer of pressure.
Brooke L. Bennett
Frances Bozsik
Eating Disorders

Let’s Call ‘Detox Teas’ What They Really Are: Laxatives

“Those diet teas are a travesty."
Christine Ro

My Addictions Defined Me Before I Got Sober

I am not Liv, the addict. I'm just Liv.
Michelle Malia
Eating Disorders

Could You Give Your Kids an Eating Disorder?

If you have a first-degree female relative with an eating disorder, you're about ten times more likely to have one in your lifetime.
Meeri Kim
Eating Disorders

Pro-Eating Disorder Communities Thrive on Instagram

Building identities out of what we eat and how we look is inescapable.
Aurora Stewart de Peña