The Most Common Reasons People Need Medical Attention at Music Festivals

A first responder told us everything that's most likely to go wrong.
Gwen van der Zwan

This Is What It's Like to Live With Agitated Depression

Agitated depression—or “melancholia agitate"—has been described as a mixed state in which some symptoms of depression exist with those of other psychiatric ailments.
Nick Keppler
Eat This

It's True: You Can Absolutely Fail a Drug Test After Eating a Poppy Seed Bagel

A Maryland mom tested positive for opiates while in labor​ and her daughter had to stay in the hospital for five days, and a New York City corrections officer failed a random drug test and lost his job​.
Susan Rinkunas
The High Life

Everything You Should Know About Taking Ketamine

Traditionally used as an anesthetic, ketamine is now being used to treat depression, OCD, and other mental health conditions.
Suzannah Weiss

When I Knew it Was Time to End My Relationship With MDMA

MDMA seems like proof that what comes up must come down.
Suzannah Weiss

Everything You Need to Avoid Before You Take Ayahuasca

The truth behind those pre-Ayahuasca dietary and drug restrictions.
Suzannah Weiss
How to Not Die

This Is What Happens When You Combine Molly and Alcohol

Taking MDMA and drinking at the same time is like pulling your body in two very different directions.
Suzannah Weiss
The High Life

Why Does My High Last Longer Than My Friends'?

Most people return to reality after five or six hours, while my brain gets flooded with epiphanies all night. I asked an expert why.
Suzannah Weiss

These States Are Leading the Fight to Legalize Shrooms

Psilocybin is a much more complex drug than cannabis and it shouldn’t be treated the same way when it comes to decriminalization.
Joe Smith-Engelhardt
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Drug Dealers on Facebook Are Targeting People With Addiction

I posed as a potential customer and experienced the most aggressive marketing tactics.
Elizabeth Brico

This Bill Could Give Jeff Sessions the Power to Ban Kratom

The Stop the Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues Act (SITSA) would give the Attorney General unilateral power to ban drugs for up to five years.
Troy Farah

Ecstasy’s Risks to the Average User May Be Less Severe Than Previously Thought

Past research on MDMA has contained some noteworthy flaws.
Jesse Hicks