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No Judgment

This $13,000 Penis Implant Makes Your Junk Bigger in an Hour

Of course, this fairy tale dong comes with its disclaimers.
Matthew Terrell

All the Crazy Ways People Avoided Pregnancy Before Modern Birth Control

Think weasel testicle necklaces and pregnant wolf piss.
Mark Hay
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People Who Smoke Weed Have More Sex Than People Who Don’t, Stanford Study Says

Researchers embarked on the study expecting to get the opposite results.
Nick Keppler
Unscrewing Ourselves

How Can We Unscrew Ourselves?

At Tonic and Broadly, we're taking a close look at the future of sex ed because, let's face it, America's relationship with sex is complicated.
Lindsay Schrupp
Kate Lowenstein
Unscrewing Ourselves

I Went to the Same Orgasm Workshop as Ilana on ‘Broad City’

And got schooled by the Buddha of all things sex.
Callie Little
Unscrewing Ourselves

Stop Substituting Spit for Lube During Anal Sex

There’s a romanticization of spit fucking in the gay community which far precedes 'Brokeback Mountain.'
Matt Terrell
STD Glossary

Everything You Need to Know About Trichomoniasis

If you have trichomoniasis, you'll either not know it—or really, really know it.
Sarah Kasbeer
Fighting Words

This Sex Educator Was Not Allowed to Say 'Clitoris' in the Classroom

Others were barred from: "abortion," "LGBTQ," and using a diagram of female anatomy.
Diana Spechler

People Have Been STD Shaming Since Medieval Times

A brief and bumpy history of overblown STD stigmas.
Elizabeth Brown
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Why are Flavored Condoms Still a Thing?

For one thing, because college girls are buying them.
Emily Cassel
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The Best Condom Exists But We Can't Buy it Yet

Thanks, researchers.
Emily Cassel
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Sneezing, Crying, Seizures: Just Some Rare Orgasm Side Effects

Oh, and foot orgasms.
Sheherzad Preisler