Living With It

This Is What it's Like to Have the World's Most Deadly Eating Disorder

For one teen, the turning point came when her heart stopped beating for half a minute.
Amy Mackinnon

When Is Peeing Too Often the Sign of a Problem?

“I talk to people who just let it drop that they go to the bathroom 20 times a day. They don’t realize that’s unusual.”
Nick Keppler

These Five Charts Help Explain Why the South Is So Unhealthy

People in southern states die earlier from a variety of chronic conditions.
Jay Maddock
big pharma

Maryland Has a Plan to Fight Soaring Drug Prices

It could provide a cut-and-paste model for the rest of the country to follow.
Jason Silverstein

650,000 Black Americans Could Have Diabetes And Not Know It

A popular test may not be as accurate as doctors thought.
Ed Cara
global health

Diabetes Now Kills More People in South Africa Than HIV

The country's near-total focus on HIV over the past 15 years has saved countless lives but starved other diseases of resources.
Linda Nordling
Eat This

Whole Wheat Bread Isn't Always Healthier Than White Bread

The microbes in your gut play a big role in deciding what’s good for you.
Shayla Love
Eat This

Scientists Made a Broccoli Pill

And they had good results when they gave it to diabetics.
Jesse Hicks
You're Killing Me

It's Not Looking Good for People Who Live in Big Cities

Start spreading the news.
Jesse Hicks
The Future of Cancer

Black Americans Are Living Longer—But Still Not as Long as White People

A black child born in 2014 can expect to live 75.6 years versus 79 years for a white child born that year.
Olga Oksman
Eat This

This Island Started Eating Like America and Now They're Plagued With Diabetes

Blame soda, candy and...Spam.
David Walter
It's Science

Weed and Hot Peppers Show Potential for Soothing Your Gut

Mice were also effectively “cured” of type-1 diabetes.
Jesse Hicks