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Daily Buzzkill

Huh, Survey Says America Is Stressed

How you doing, good?
Susan Rinkunas
Daily Buzzkill

Study Links Cancer to Living Within a Mile of Oil Wells

More than 15 million Americans now reside that close to such developments.
Jesse Hicks
Daily Buzzkill

Why Do Men Kill Their Girlfriends' Kids?

A rash of murders prompts psychologists to try to explain the pattern.
Angela Almeida
Daily Buzzkill

Trump is Ruining Our Health on a Global Scale Now

Presidents in both parties have historically regarded global health initiatives as a way to ensure security and fulfill a moral imperative to help others in need. That's all going to hell now.
Vishal Khetpal
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Jet Lag Makes You Soft, Study of Baseball Players Suggests

Flying east was associated with worse pitching and less aggressive hitting and base running.
Susan Rinkunas
Daily Buzzkill

A Third of Americans Won’t Be Able to Afford Water in Five Years

We tend to think about access to water as an issue that only affects developing countries, but that’s far from the case.
Susan Rinkunas
Daily Buzzkill

Get Free Birth Control While You Still Can

Republicans are attempting to make 55 million women pay more for their prescription birth control while also cutting funding for children in low-income families.
Susan Rinkunas
Daily Buzzkill

Nearly All of Us Have a Virus that Causes Cancer

But only for an unlucky few will it actually cause the disease.
Stacey Colino
Daily Buzzkill

The Gun Lobby Is Suffocating Firearm Research

A new study sheds light on why gun deaths continue to climb.
Dan Roe
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The 10 Lowest Health Moments of 2016

All the bad news you'll need to be the savviest Debbie Downer at the cocktail party.
Margot Bigg
Daily Buzzkill

Deaths Related to Drugs and Mental Disorders up Nearly 200% Since 1980

Rural areas are hit the hardest.
Gigen Mammoser
Daily Buzzkill

Splitting Cigarettes Still Wrecks Your Health

This is a real drag for casual smokers.
Paul Spencer