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Daily Buzzkill

Texas Gives Legal Cover to Shady Stem Cell Clinics

It's the Wild West of modern medicine.
Jesse Hicks
Booze News

Scientists Did a Health Study at Oktoberfest Because Nothing Is Sacred

And they found bad stuff about drinking.
Jesse Hicks
Sorry Not Sorry

We're Going to Ruin the Eggplant Emoji for You Now

Unless you're into penis fractures.
Mark Hay
Daily Buzzkill

Climate Change Is Turning Dehydration Into a Deadly Disease

"You don't feel any kind of pain, but you feel like you are slowly decaying."
Jane Palmer
how you doin, good?

More Americans Than Ever Have Mental Health Problems

And access to care is getting worse, not better.
Nick Keppler
Daily Buzzkill

The FDA Might Pull The Only Treatment for a Rare Form of Muscular Dystrophy

The disease is so severe that most people with it don't live past their 20s.
Annamarya Scaccia

The High Price of Insulin Is Literally Killing People

Diabetics stretching their doses should be scared of the GOP’s health plan.
Micaela Marini Higgs
Daily Buzzkill

Women Doctors Are Still Getting Screwed Over

"Showing any vulnerability is a sign of weakness."
Juli Fraga
Phys Ed

Your Fitness Tracker Might Be Wildly Inaccurate

Heart rate monitors didn't fare well in a recent test.
Denny Watkins
Daily Buzzkill

The People Who Make You Look Good Are Suffering

Tip your tattoo artist well.
Monica Luhar
Daily Buzzkill

Great, Now Superbacteria is Crawling Up Sinks

There's a literal monster lurking in hospital pipes.
Jesse Hicks
Daily Buzzkill

How Could Someone As Fit As Bob Harper Have A Heart Attack?

If the Biggest Loser host can't hack it, what the hell does that mean for the rest of us?
Alexandra Ossola