Brains on trial

Can Neuroscience Predict How Likely Someone Is to Commit Another Crime?

Researchers propose using brain imaging technology to improve risk assessments—tools to help courts determine appropriate sentencing, probation, and parole. It's controversial to say the least.
Andrew R. Calderon

These Cities Are Beginning to Treat Violent Crime as a Public Health Issue

The school of thought suggests that violent behavior itself is an epidemic that spreads from person to person.
Samira Shackle
mental health

A Psychiatrist Told Us Why Her Patient Killed Her Children

In 2016, Carol Coronado was sentenced to three life prison terms for the murder of her three daughters.
Melissa Pandika

This Is What It's Like to Be a Crime Scene Cleaner

Blood, guts, and trauma are just part of the job description.
Carson Kessler
Brains on trial

Should a Criminal With Brain Damage Get A Lighter Sentence?

Whether or not we're ready, neuroscience is being used in court.
Shayla Love
The High Life

Jeff Sessions's Weed Crackdown Would Take Us Back a Century

It's a decision that makes little sense unless you consider the motives.
Miriam Boeri

HIV Is Still a Big Problem in Prisons

Drugs and unprotected sex on the inside aren't the reason why.
S.E. Smith
mental health

This Mental Health Program Helps People Stay Out of Prison

It's based on cognitive behavioral therapy.
Michelle Malia
The High Life

Study Links Childhood Anxiety to Heavy Weed Use Later in Life

There’s still a lot we don’t know about how weed fits into people’s lives.
Jesse Hicks
The High Life

There Was Less Crime in Border States After Medical Weed Was Legalized

Mexican drug cartels may be dialing back their activity thanks to legal marijuana.
Jesse Hicks
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Vitamin Thief Keeps Replacing Pills With Dry Pasta

A superfood formula of straight carbs.
Susan Rinkunas
It's Science

Does the Full Moon Actually Fuck With You?

It's blamed for everything from traffic accidents to sleep walking.
Kristen Dold