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What to Do if the Condom Breaks During Sex

A doctor's guide on what to do if a condom fails you.
Matthew Terrell
the anti-science presidency

Trump’s Family Planning Changes Could Make STD Rates Even Worse

The Trump administration's proposed changes to Title X family planning grants could cripple efforts to curb the record number of STDs, experts fear.
Michelle Andrews, Kaiser Health News

9 Things All Good Sex Party Hosts Will Have on Hand

The less obvious items you need in your Amazon cart before throwing a sex party.
Grant Stoddard
Unscrewing Ourselves

The Female Condom Is Ideal For Anal Sex

So why hasn't the FDA approved it?
Matt Terrell
STD Glossary

Syphilis: Symptoms, Treatments, and Facts

The old-school STD syphilis is making a stealthy comeback.
Sarah Kasbeer
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Why are Flavored Condoms Still a Thing?

For one thing, because college girls are buying them.
Emily Cassel
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The Best Condom Exists But We Can't Buy it Yet

Thanks, researchers.
Emily Cassel
please stop

This Is What Happens When You Flush Things That Shouldn't Be Flushed

Condoms, tampons, and wet wipes belong in the trash can, people.
Jesse Hicks
Sex Ed

Teachers Have to Hide the Truth About Sex and It's Screwing Us Over

The Dutch model works way better.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD

Oh Good, There Are New STDs Spreading

And nine other shockers from modern-day STD history.
Elizabeth Brown
Terrible But Worth It

The Least Awkward Way to Bring Up STDs With Your One-Night Stand

Your status doesn't exempt you from having casual sex.
Sheherzad Preisler
They're Reversible After All

Are Vasectomies the New Condom?

More men are choosing to get snipped (and they're doing it in March so they can watch basketball while they recover). Welcome to Vas Madness.
Lisa Marshall