How do you make friends in college when you're depressed?

This week in the Coping newsletter: mental illness among college students, medical privacy in therapy, and that age-old question about how to make friends when you're depressed.
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College Students Aren't Always Given Medical Privacy

What you say in therapy can get passed to parents, college administrators, and even job prospects.
Matt Jancer
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This Is What Would Happen to Your Body if You Ate Instant Ramen All the Time

Depending on the product you buy, each one may contain 1000 mg (or more) of sodium.
Markham Heid

Young People Don't Want Casual Things Out of Casual Sex

A new study shows that men and women want more out of a one-night stand than the idea suggests.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
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Nobody Wants to Be the One to Point Out a Friend's Drinking Problem

Here's how to do it.
Cindy Kuzma

What Pulling an All-Nighter Does to Your Mind and Body

Here's the bare minimum amount of sleep you need before a big exam.
Nick Keppler
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An FAQ About Health Insurance for College Students

Written so you can actually understand it.
Jessica Migala
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How to Get Mental Health Help on Campus

One in three college freshman have symptoms of a mental health disorder.
Shayla Love
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When You're Worried a Friend Has an Eating Disorder, It's Time to Make Some Hard Calls

Here's how to decide if you should say something.
Michelle Malia

What to Do When Your Roommate Comes Home Too Drunk

Experts tell us how to differentiate a 'call 9-1-1' type of moment from a more benign 'get this person a burger and Gatorade' vibe.
Melissa Pandika
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How to Tell Your Roommate You Have an Anxiety Disorder

A therapist's solutions to that and other anxiety-related college conundrums.
Alexandra Spiroff

For Many College Students, Hunger Can ‘Make It Hard To Focus In Class’

Up to half of college students report that they're either not getting enough to eat or are worried about their access to food.
Michelle Andrews, Kaiser Health News