climate change

climate change

What Puerto Rico Can Teach Us About Surviving Climate Change

“Maria didn’t cause everything. Maria just revealed to the world how we are living."
Jane Palmer
Eat This

People Who Eat Healthy Are Also Doing the Planet a Big Favor

A new study found that simply following healthy-eating guidelines, which would mean eating less meat, could cut greenhouse gas emissions.
Michelle Malia
Phys Ed

These People Wore Masks to Make it Through a Half Marathon

The air quality is that shitty in Delhi, India, right now.
Michelle Malia

There's a Strategy to Persuade Climate Change Deniers

First you need the right set of arguments.
Maggie Puniewska
climate change

Climate Change Could Cause More Deadly Infections Worldwide

“It takes an enormous toll on human health, it causes massive suffering, and it’s something to be taken very seriously.”
Michelle Malia
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How Much Environmental Damage Did Your Thanksgiving Dinner Do?

Researchers broke it down by state.
Ashley P. Taylor
Daily Buzzkill

There’s No Such Thing as a Purely Natural Disaster Anymore

Trump’s policies seem scientifically engineered to put as many people in harm’s way as possible.
Jason Silverstein
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People With Addiction Are Out of Luck During a Hurricane

Getting what you need in the middle of the chaos becomes nearly impossible.
Jessica Migala
Daily Buzzkill

Some Really Scary Stuff Is Happening to the Ocean’s Acidity

Even the smallest change affects nearly everyone.
Michelle Malia
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Hot Weather Really Does Turn People Into Jerks

Don't take it personally.
Erene Stergiopoulos
Daily Buzzkill

A Totally Heat-Ravaged Planet is Just 83 Years Away

Start practicing the apology to your grandkids.
Jesse Hicks

There's a New Reason We're All So Tired

Now do you care about climate change?
Amber Brenza