Chronic Pain

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Cool Science News You Don’t Want To Miss

A 3,300-year-old mummy's healthcare, a blood test that can read your body's internal clock, and predicting who will respond to sugar pills for pain.
Shayla Love
Living With It

How I Finally Found Relief for What Felt Like a Chronic UTI

I went on walks and talked to my bladder. “You’re the best bladder in the world,” I told it.
Suzannah Weiss
Fighting Words

Forcing Pain Patients Off Their Meds Won't End the Opioid Crisis

It might seem like a good idea to target the small number of people who use the most opioids, but a plan proposed in Oregon won't reduce the number of overdoses or new addictions.
Maia Szalavitz
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The Surprisingly Positive Effects of Being a Pessimist

Author and professor Eugene Thacker tells us about how pessimism can be a form of self-help.
Zachary Siegel

People Are Drinking Ayahuasca to Treat Physical Illnesses

Could the psychedelic be changing people's perceptions of pain?
Suzannah Weiss

People with Chronic Pain Will Protest the CDC’s Crackdown on Opioids

There are rallies planned in almost every state this weekend.
Troy Farah

Cluster Headaches Are Way Worse Than Migraines

They're so bad that some people refer to them as "suicide headaches."
Cindy Kuzma

Why You Should Sleep on Your Back, Not Your Stomach

Your neck will thank you.
Manouk van Egmond

Cracking Down on Opioids Hurts People With Chronic Pain

There are dozens of cases of reported suicides after pain patients had their doses reduced.
Maia Szalavitz
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Gaga Gets Candid About Her Pain in New Netflix Doc

“They say sometimes it’s like open-heart heart surgery, making music. It’s invasive."
Sarah Kasbeer
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ACT Is a Little-Known, Fast Treatment for Depression

Some psychologists believe that accepting your negative thoughts can help them pass faster.
Meryl Davids Landau
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Virtual Reality Could Help Break America's Opioid Addiction

Patients report their pain fell by as much as 75 percent when using the devices.
Jo Marchant