The Triangulation Theory May Explain Why Some Childhoods Are So Stressful

“Adults who experienced triangles in early family relationships can lack a clear sense of their own wants and needs.”
Jessica Dore

Both My Parents Knew They Would Die Before I Turned Nine

This is how they helped me prepare for life without them.
Sydni Dunn

Kids Who Face Their Fears Develop More Confidence

Many parents struggle with how to help their children manage anxiety.
Virgie Townsend
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Gifted Kids Need Just as Much Attention as Special Needs Kids

“The perception is that if a child is excelling they can be left alone."
Nick Keppler
mental health

Stressed Out Kids Are More Likely to Become Bad Decision Makers

Childhood stress affects you long after you've moved out of the house.
Caroline Beaton
Parental Advisory

Getting Bullied as a Kid Can Stay With You for Life

But if you can get over it, there's a silver lining.
Cindy Kuzma
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People Who Grow Up in Foster Care Should Have a Say in Fixing It

A researcher who grew up in the UK's system could be among the first to help change it for the better.
Michael Regnier
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We Asked Scientists Why Clowns Freak Us the Hell Out

Since there's a new It coming out, we thought we'd get mentally prepared.
Maggie Puniewska
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How Siblings Fuel Each Other's Worst Impulses

New research suggests bad behavior could be contagious between brothers and sisters.
Rachael Schultz