Millennials get it, too.

Doctor's Note

What You Need to Know About the Coffee Cancer Warning in California

Drinking coffee is associated with apparent health benefits, and no evidence of net harm—cancer or otherwise. The judicial standard applied in the California lawsuit distorts that view.
David L. Katz, MD, MPH

Doctors Are Less Likely to Recommend the HPV Vaccine for Boys

Not getting the human papillomavirus vaccine could leave them at greater risk of developing certain cancers.
Jesse Hicks
Holy Shit

This Man's Beer Belly Turned Out to Be a 30-Pound Tumor

Kevin Daly lost 34 pounds but his stomach didn't budge. Then a CAT scan showed he had an “extremely large mass."
Susan Rinkunas
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How Screwed Am I From Bad Sunburns I Got as a Kid?

About one in five Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetime.
Nick Keppler
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What Happens if I Spend All My Time in Artificial Light?

Nearly half of adults are so short on rays that they're deficient in vitamin D.
Kristen Dold

Should Doctors Screen Women of Color for Breast Cancer Even Earlier?

Researchers say current screening guidelines don’t take into account racial differences in when breast cancer develops or how aggressive it is.
Jessica Migala

A Game-Changing New Cancer Treatment Is Cripplingly Expensive

“I’ve already relapsed. It's not a last hope for anyone if you can’t afford it.”
Nick Keppler

Thirdhand Smoke Is the Most Difficult Kind to Avoid

It's invisible and it's everywhere smokers have been.
Mike Darling

Everything You Need to Know About Prosthetic Testicles

If you lose a ball, should you get it replaced?
Grant Stoddard
You're Smarter Than That

7 Things to Never Say to Someone With Cancer

Advice from someone who had cancer.
Lindsay Jean Thomson
breast cancer

I Got Breast Cancer But Not a Mastectomy

For those with breast cancer, a mastectomy may seem the best option. I thought so–until the last minute.
Joanna Moorhead
is this real life?

After Cancer, You Still Have to Get Used to Your New Body

For now, I’m healing from surgery nicely and enjoying the novelty of having small breasts.
Lindsay Jean Thomson