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Pregnant and Nursing Women Shouldn't Use Marijuana, New Guidelines Say

There's limited research on marijuana but doctors say enough concerns exist about both short-term growth and long-term neurological consequences for children to recommend against it.
Jenny Gold, Kaiser Health News
Fighting Words

10 Things Not to Say to New Moms

Offer to drop off food that’s not available on Seamless, find something positive to say about the baby’s name—but please do not utter these phrases.
Juno DeMelo
Parental Advisory

How California Is Helping More Women of Color Breastfeed in the Hospital

While Californian women of color are breastfeeding their babies in the hospital more frequently than in the past, they still lag far behind white women. Here's how hospitals are working to change that.
Anna Gorman, Kaiser Health News

Does Smoking Marijuana Affect Breastmilk?

One of the first studies in 35 years took a look.
Jesse Hicks
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How Bad Is It to Breastfeed After a Few Drinks?

The final word on giving the baby a boozy boob.
Elizabeth Brown
Holy Shit

We Talked to the Doctor Who Helped a Trans Woman Breastfeed Her Baby

She was able to breastfeed exclusively for six weeks.
Jesse Hicks
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5 Women Explain Why They Chose Not to Breastfeed

"It was so painful—I asked them to double check that she wasn't born with teeth."
Caroline Shannon-Karasik
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Will My Nipple Piercing Screw Up My Chances of Breastfeeding?

Your favorite piece of bling is now giving way to motherhood.
Michelle Malia