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How Your Art Changes When You’re Told You’re Dying

“What I'm doing is immortality,” Jeiven says. “I'm putting art on people that's going to walk around after I'm gone.”
Nathan Tempey
Race and Health

Jim Crow Laws Are Gone But They’re Still Making Black People Sick

We may only now be seeing the health effects of state-sanctioned racism in the 1960s.
Jason Silverstein
Race and Health

Should Doctors Screen Women of Color for Breast Cancer Even Earlier?

Researchers say current screening guidelines don’t take into account racial differences in when breast cancer develops or how aggressive it is.
Jessica Migala
You're Smarter Than That

7 Things to Never Say to Someone With Cancer

Advice from someone who had cancer.
Lindsay Jean Thomson
breast cancer

I Got Breast Cancer But Not a Mastectomy

For those with breast cancer, a mastectomy may seem the best option. I thought so–until the last minute.
Joanna Moorhead
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After Cancer, You Still Have to Get Used to Your New Body

For now, I’m healing from surgery nicely and enjoying the novelty of having small breasts.
Lindsay Jean Thomson
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These Women Help Detect Breast Cancer. They’re Blind.

Research suggests blind people might have enhanced sensory abilities.
Shayla Love
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My Plastic Surgeon Made My Post-Cancer Breasts Two Sizes Too Small

“This has never happened to me before,” he says.
Lindsay Jean Thomson
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My Cancer Doctor Suggested I Order a Vagina Egg

He went full-on Goop on me.
Lindsay Jean Thomson
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Cancer Doesn’t Make Me a Victim

I danced at the edge and came back stronger, and happier. So I'm good, thanks.
Lindsay Jean Thomson
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There’s No Such Thing as ‘Healthy’ or ‘Sick’ After You’ve Had Cancer

When my oncologist finally gets back to me, she swiftly crushes my idea of remission.
Lindsay Jean Thomson
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What You Need to Know About a New Study Linking Birth Control to Breast Cancer

We're talking about one additional case in every 7,700 women.
Jessica Migala