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Your Phone Can Now Narc On You When You're Drunk

There are at least two dead giveaways.
Nick Keppler
Asking for a friend

How Bad Is it to Make Yourself Puke After a Night of Drinking?

Your "friend" claims it's the only thing that'll prevent a hangover.
Christina Stiehl
Phys Ed

Why Working Out Makes You Want to Drink

How can your body yearn for a beverage that sabotages your efforts?
Trevor Thieme, CSCS
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We're Drinking More Than Twice What Experts Consider a Binge

There's now a Level I, II, and III to define the severity of your weekend bender.
Jesse Hicks
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Norway Is Ultra-Restrictive on Buying Booze, and People Like It

The country is home to some of the happiest people in the world, so clearly it's doing something right.
Jessica Furseth
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How Bad Is it to Mix Booze and Painkillers?

A closer look at that "severe liver damage" warning on the Tylenol label.
Maggie Puniewska
It's Science

Why You're Better at Beer Pong After a Few Drinks

A little alcohol can have surprising effects on your muscles and coordination.
Alexandra Ossola
The High Life

Huh, People Who Mix Weed and Booze Have Lower GPAs

But you can't necessarily blame the crossfade.
Denny Watkins
The High Life

What Mixing Weed and Alcohol Does to Your Mind

Researchers now understand the science behind the crossfade.
Thor Benson
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When Should I Stop Drinking to Avoid a Hangover?

It's way before they start playing Journey at the karaoke bar.
Kristen Dold
You're Smarter Than That

The Lie About Happy Hour and Your Heart

Headlines got it wrong again this week.
Ashley P. Taylor