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Men Obsessed With Being Fit Often Struggle With Drinking and Depression

The real problem isn’t a thin ideal—it’s a muscular one, a new study shows.
Jesse Hicks
Phys Ed

Is It Possible to Be a Body-Positive Personal Trainer?

Please don't ever say "beach body" to me.
Rajul Punjabi

La La Anthony's Documentary Examines the Dangers of Illegal Butt Injections

Anthony tells us about how America's obsession with black women's curves is more dangerous than it seems.
La La Anthony
Phys Ed

Losing Weight Revealed Little Tumors All Over My Body

Lipomas are apparently harmless, but I still want them gone.
Grant Stoddard
Fighting Words

All the Ways People Shame My Post-Cancer Body

You can miss me with the fake nipples, doc.
Lindsay Jean Thomson
Phys Ed

Everything I Learned at a Naked Workout Class

"It's only after touching my entire, uncovered body to the ground that I consider how dirty the floor is."
Spenser Mestel
The yes man

Models and Actors Swear By These Pre-Photo Shoot Rituals

They can make the difference between a hinted-at six-pack and one that looks like it’s been chiseled out of granite.
Grant Stoddard
Advice for Anxious People

How Can I Get Over My Body Image Anxiety During Sex?

"You could be a stone-cold fox and still only notice your scars, wrinkles, and that random dark spot on the underside of your left knee."
Robert Duff
Eating Disorders

The Size of My Breasts Never Let Me Have the Body I Wanted

"I started exercising multiple times a day, taking smaller plates to trick myself into thinking I was eating more. Still, nothing changed. My boobs were ever present."
Gabriella Geisinger
body image

People in China Thought It Was Okay to Call Me Fat to My Face

It's more socially accepted—and maybe even expected—to comment on a person's appearance.
Arianna James
Eating Disorders

A Fifth of Gay Men Have Avoided Sex Because of Body Shame

They're also 10 times as likely as straight men to have an eating disorder.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
The yes man

I Tried Microblading to Get Hollywood Eyebrows

If you think this sounds a bit like getting tattoos on your face well, it sort of is.
Grant Stoddard