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Dating With Bipolar Can Be an Exhausting Cycle of Intensity and Bailing

Here's how to not let it get in the way of your relationships.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria
mental health

How to Tell if You Should See a Psychiatrist Versus a Psychologist

As a general rule, television shows and movies completely screw this up.
Markham Heid

The Army Will Now Consider People Previously Deemed Unfit for Service

Senator John McCain blasted the move, which comes as the Army faces a higher recruitment goal than last year.
Jesse Hicks
mental health

What It's Like to Have Bipolar Disorder in the NFL

"At one point I went five nights without sleeping."
Mike Zimmerman
Fighting Words

Being Punk and Bipolar Go Hand in Hand

"I was young and misunderstood, and this music let me know that it was okay to be angry, upset, and emotional."
Derek Zanetti
The High Life

What Makes People on Shrooms Jump Off Buildings and Die?

Researchers are trying to understand why psychedelics make some people trip so hard they think they can fly.
Daniel Oberhaus
mental health

We Asked What It's Like to Have a Mental Illness in Prison

"I didn’t need medication. I needed someone to talk to."
Maggie Puniewska
Picking Your Brain

Bipolar Disorder Ravages the Brain's Self-Control Regions

Researchers have mapped the disorder for the first time.
Jesse Hicks
mental health

This Is How It Feels to Have Bipolar II

The manic phases of bipolar 1 and bipolar II are different, and treatment doesn’t mean the symptoms go away
Christina Stiehl

What It's Like to Live in a Mental Healthcare Desert

One state that needs resources the most has the least.
Letizia Adams
mental health

What Makes People Cut Themselves?

I tried to get to the bottom of my impulse to self-injure.
Lynn Schneider