Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a Service Dog

Here's who qualifies for a service dog, how to apply for one, and what tasks they can be trained to do.
Cindy Kuzma
3 days ago

Almost Half of Adults With Autism Are Depressed

Symptoms of depression in adults with autism can be challenging to detect.
Chloe C. Hudson
Kate Harkness

People Who Think They’re Autism Experts Actually Know the Least About It

Do anti-vaxxers even understand what autism is?
Jesse Hicks
You, Explained

This Is Why Some People Hate Being Tickled

What makes people more ticklish than others?
Suzannah Weiss

Reddit Gave a Teenager With Autism a Shockingly Helpful Sex Ed Lesson

"All I knew was porn, and that didn’t help."
Eric Spitznagel
mental health

This Is What It's Like to be Diagnosed With Autism as an Adult

People who come to an autism diagnosis later in life are likely to continue experiencing mental health issues.
Michael Richards

This Emotionally Intelligent Device Is Helping Kids with Autism Form Bonds

"There was an instantaneous smile and alertness in his eyes that has never really been there before."
Mariana Fernandez
mental health

Autism and Eating Disorders Often Go Hand in Hand

“I eat a lot of coin-shaped licorice. I love that all the pieces of licorice have the same shape, because it gives me a consistent sensation in my mouth.”
Carleen de Jong
Living With It

Doctors are Finally Figuring Out How to Treat My Brother's Rare Disease

At the first-ever clinic that treats adults with 22q, we'd received more information in a two-hour period than we had in the previous 18 years.
Brianne Spiker
Fighting Words

TV Is Obsessed With an Unrealistic Portrayal of Autistic People

The savant character in 'The Good Doctor' is insulting to the large percentage of people on the spectrum without genius abilities.
Sarah Bradley
Parental Advisory

Older Dads Have Geekier Sons

Geeky in a good way.
Jesse Hicks
Legalize It Already

The Compelling Case for Treating Autism with Marijuana

These Israeli moms are fighting for the only treatment that's worked for their children.
Caitlin Murphy