We Looked Into Whether CBD Would Show Up in a Drug Test

Despite the wellness glow surrounding CBD products, could they make you fail a pre-employment pee test?
Elizabeth Brico
6 hours ago
This Week in Science

Just Hearing the Results of a DNA Test Can Make Your Body Act Differently

People who were told that they were genetically at risk for poor exercise capacity couldn’t run as long as they could before they were told about their “risk.”
Shayla Love
6 hours ago
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When I Couldn’t Find a Therapist I Liked, I Tried Brain Stimulation

I originally wanted to find a talk therapist about my depression, but it didn’t seem like that was going to happen anytime soon.
Tonic Editors
a day ago
mental health

The Dark Truths Behind Our Obsession With Self-Care

What this growing trend reveals about the flaws in mental healthcare.
Shayla Love
3 days ago

How Do I Get Rid of a Clingy Friend?

This week in the Coping newsletter: Managing your social anxiety at parties and exactly how to tell your crap friend that it's over. Oh, and a gift guide for anxious people!
Tonic Editors

This Is How One 28-Year-Old Manages Pain and Anxiety

To cope, I go on shopping binges. I work myself past exhaustion. On the positive side, I go dancing with friends. I host a drawing night to build community and foster creative energy. I make art, I listen to music.
Tonic Editors
mental health

Lifting Weights Has a Surprising Effect on Mental Health

In a new paper, researchers took a closer look at the connection between depression, anxiety, and working out.
Christian Finn

This Is Why Being Anxious Makes Some People Puke

And how to get it together when you really need to not throw up.
Kimberly Truong

These Are the Five Most Effective Ways to Cure the Hiccups

Here's what the science says about a few of the most common techniques.
Markham Heid
Phys Ed

9 Things You Should Buy Someone Who Loves the Gym But Hates Being Around People

Gifts for the socially anxious fitness enthusiast.
Rajul Punjabi
mental health

11 Gifts for Your Openly Depressed or Anxious Friend

This is not one of those gift guides with tea, stress balls, and positive-affirmation coasters. No, these are gifts for people with a sense of humor about their mental health.
Susan Rinkunas

This Is Why You Can't Go Back to Sleep When You Want To

And why you can’t wake up when you have to.
Jesse Hicks