This Is What Happened When I Tried Light Therapy to Clear Up My Acne

LED light therapy started as NASA technology, but it's now being used as an at-home cosmetic treatment for acne and wrinkles.
Julissa Treviño
Skin Deep

This Terrifying App Shows You What Not Using Sunscreen Will Do to Your Face

Sunface is a free facial aging app that lets you take a selfie and see what your skin will look like in the future based on your level of UV exposure.
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This Is the Effect Working Out Has on Your Bones

How active you are as a kid affects your bones forever.
Matt Jancer

Young People Are Getting Injections to Avoid Looking Old

Dermatologists say the practice of preventative botox is growing in popularity among 20-something men and women. But how safe is it?
Markham Heid

Should People Who Develop Dementia Be Able to Keep Their Guns?

The number of Americans with dementia who live in homes with guns could reach 12 million by 2050.
Melissa Bailey
JoNel Aleccia

Really, Really Old People Talked About Whether They're Ready to Die

"I wish I could snuff it. I'm only in the way."
Jane Fleming
med school

The First Woman Dean Is 'A Sea Of Change' At USC’s Scandal-Plagued Medical School

Laura Mosqueda, a geriatrician, will face a big challenge as USC reels from drug and sexual misconduct scandals that have enraged students and landed the university in legal hot water.
Susan Abram, California Healthline
Phys Ed

The Little-Known Advantages of Being an Older Athlete

The way athletes like Roger Federer and Tom Brady think can help explain why they remain dominant.
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This Is Why Birthdays Can Make People Depressed

The "birthday blues" are a real thing.
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Your High Is Probably Going to Change As You Get Older

This is why weed might affect you differently than it did five years ago.
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I Did Ridiculous Face Exercises in an Attempt to Look Younger

Could 'Exorcist'-like facial contortions really shave years off my appearance?
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The Grief and Terror of Realizing Your Parents Are Aging

The shift from “my parents are healthy and indestructible” to talking about mortality on the drive back from Costco feels crazy.
Emily Cassel