The Long-Term Psychological Effects of Having Acne as a Teen

Women specifically reported greater impairment in their quality of life, and showed more symptoms than men.
Jesse Hicks

This Is What Happened When I Tried Light Therapy to Clear Up My Acne

LED light therapy started as NASA technology, but it's now being used as an at-home cosmetic treatment for acne and wrinkles.
Julissa Treviño

I Thought I Just Had Acne, But It Was Actually a Less Common Skin Condition

The over-the-counter creams I was slathering on my face apparently weren’t helping, either.
Julie Stewart
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Is Cheap Makeup Bad for Your Skin?

There has to be a reason for the drastic price difference between MAC and dollar store bronzer.
Melissa Pandika

Everything You Need to Know About Treating Cystic Acne

It’s different from other, more superficial types of types of acne like blackheads and whiteheads because it’s deeper down in your skin.
Colleen de Bellefonds
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This Is Why Popping Your Pimples Feels So Satisfying

You know you’re not supposed to pick at acne but honestly, it's just so soothing—until you look in the mirror and see the same zit back with a vengeance next morning.
Elizabeth Brown
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Can I Exfoliate Every Day Without Destroying My Skin?

Your loofah-obsessed friend gives new meaning to the term “rub one out.”
Joanne Spataro
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Anxiety and Stress Are Messing With Your Good Looks

Your worries can lead to weight gain and rapid aging.
Caroline Beaton
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Yogurt Is Good for More Than Just Eating

Could it be the answer to your dandruff problem?
Samantha Lefave
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Ginger is the Root for Good Health

Skin, stomach, joints...ginger wants to help you all over.
Samantha Lefave
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Why Biting Your Nails and Picking Scabs Feels Weirdly Satisfying

These behaviors are all natural—to an extent.
Caroline Beaton
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Researchers Have a New Explanation for Adult Acne

Smarter ways of treating it could also be on the way.
Jesse Hicks