Fighting Words

Banning Abortion Does Nothing to Support Kids with Down Syndrome

Proponents of these laws claim they're protecting children like mine, but that’s just not true.
Leesha Thrower

A Woman Died From a Botched Abortion After Other Providers Couldn’t Help Her

Even in liberal states like New York, restrictions on abortion can have unintended consequences.
Sarika Chawla
title x

Three Groups Are Suing Trump for Dramatically Changing a Family Planning Program

The lawsuits allege that Trump changed the intent of the Title X family planning program from offering effective contraception to prioritizing abstinence and natural family planning, and did so outside of the proper channels.
Susan Rinkunas
reproductive rights

Mississippi Governor Signs Country's Earliest Abortion Ban Into Law

There are no exceptions in HB 1510​ ​for rape or incest, and the state was immediately sued for defying Supreme Court precedent.
Susan Rinkunas
the anti-science presidency

An Abstinence-Only Advocate Has the Final Say on Who Gets Family Planning Grants

A single person controls the nation's Title X family planning budget for the first time since the 80s​.
Susan Rinkunas

Trump's New Health Office Is Protecting Doctors' Right to Deny Care

The Office for Civil Rights is setting the stage for an unprecedented expansion in providers' ability to deny procedures like abortion, sterilization, and physician-assisted death.
Emmarie Huetteman, Kaiser Health News

Our New Health Secretary Endorsed the Idea That Fetuses Are People

Alex Azar stands to pose a real problem for reproductive rights.
Susan Rinkunas
birth control

'Black Mirror' Equated the Morning-After Pill with the Abortion Pill

This mistake is more dangerous than it may seem.
Susan Rinkunas
War on Science

The CDC Reportedly Banned 7 Words and These People Shot Back [Updated]

Doctors, medical groups, and lawmakers were not happy to hear that CDC employees are prohibited from using words like “fetus,” “transgender,” and "science-based" in official documents.
Susan Rinkunas

Ohio Senate Passes Bill to Ban Abortions in Cases of Down Syndrome [Updated]

A judge permanently blocked a similar law in Indiana.
Ashley Lyles

This Lawsuit Could Dramatically Expand Access to the Abortion Pill

“There is no medical justification for the FDA’s restrictions."
Emily Crockett

The US Government Now Says Life Begins at Conception [Updated]

The move from health officials provides new ammo for attacks on birth control and abortion.
Susan Rinkunas