Tracey Duncan

Tracey lives in New Orleans with her six animal compatriots and suspects that writing in the third person is counter-revolutionary. She helps rebellious yogis find their personal unique snowflakes path and also align with planetary rhythm. She also thinks that yoga can and should be a path of activism. 

mental health

I Tried Rope Bondage as a Coping Mechanism for My Anxiety

It felt like yoga—a steady, reliable movement from discomfort to comfort and I was in control of the pace.
Tracey Duncan
What's Freaking Me Out

A Stranger Diagnosed Me With Misaligned Eyes

I’ve had foggy vision, headaches, and jaw pain for years but it never occurred to me that it was because of my eyes. So I asked some experts.
Tracey Duncan
Wellness Lies

Hydrogen Water Isn't Better Water

Experts confirm what we already expected: Adding molecules to H2O doesn't make it a cure-all.
Tracey Duncan
You're Smarter Than That

There's No Such Thing as 'Sweating Out Toxins'

"Doesn’t smelly sweat mean something evil is leaving my body?"
Tracey Duncan

My 'Revenge Body' Was Actually a Cry for Help

How do you tell someone who’s just paid you a compliment that you’re borderline suicide hotline fodder and one well-meaning remark away from relapse?
Tracey Duncan

This 5-Minute Meditation Can Help You Have Better Sex

“In a sense, sex can be the ultimate mind-body practice.”
Tracey Duncan
mental health

Meditating on Your Death Could Make You Happier

Try this death meditation to feel a little happier about life.
Tracey Duncan
Phys Ed

Hot Yoga Is a Lie

You're sweating out water and salt, not toxins.
Tracey Duncan
Fighting Words

Positive Affirmations Are Basically Bullshit

Why doesn’t repeating nice things to yourself—a ritual touted by woo-woo healers globally—make you feel good?
Tracey Duncan
Fighting Words

Quitting Opioids Cold Turkey Made Me Want to Die

Withdrawal is not a psychological longing, it is a physical demand.
Tracey Duncan
Neuro Trip

Your Eye Twitches Can Be Explained by Science, Sort Of

I really seriously want to know if there’s something wrong with me.
Tracey Duncan
We Asked

Sex Educators Told Us What They Wish They Could Teach

"I am not allowed to talk about abortion.”
Tracey Duncan