Emily Cassel

Emily Cassel is the food editor at City Pages in Minneapolis, where she eats an awful lot of donuts and fried cheese curds for someone who writes about health and wellness.

Wellness Lies

'Natural' Sugars Are Not Better for You Than Regular Sugar

Experts tell us why using agave, coconut sugar, raw honey, maple syrup, or any other sweetener with a health halo is not going to make you any healthier.
Emily Cassel
tech harm reduction

5 Realistic Ways to Stop Checking Your Phone All the Time

By small increments, we can become healthier in how we respond or relate to technology.
Emily Cassel
What's Freaking Me Out

The Grief and Terror of Realizing Your Parents Are Aging

The shift from “my parents are healthy and indestructible” to talking about mortality on the drive back from Costco feels crazy.
Emily Cassel

8 Things People Still Get Wrong About HPV

Setting the record straight on America's most common STD.
Emily Cassel
On Edge

How to Be a Functional Workaholic

Realistic ways to not let the hustle destroy you.
Emily Cassel
On Edge

Neighborhoods Need to Be Designed More Like Military Bases

Bases are now built with a focus on mental health.
Emily Cassel
We Asked

People Told Us Their Biggest Parenting Fails

"He must have been rolling around in that poop for hours."
Emily Cassel
doin' it

Why are Flavored Condoms Still a Thing?

For one thing, because college girls are buying them.
Emily Cassel
doin' it

The Best Condom Exists But We Can't Buy it Yet

Thanks, researchers.
Emily Cassel

Virtual Reality Makes Chemo Less Painful

So why are American doctors still putting it on the back burner?
Emily Cassel
mental health

Your Employer Probably Doesn’t Care Enough About Your Mental Health

Covering your therapist is the least they can do, according to experts.
Emily Cassel

There's a Herpes Vaccine in Your Future

Plus other new developments from the world of STD research.
Emily Cassel